Steel Hunting Blades and Other

Options Available to Hunters

and Fishermen


A Hunting knife, tactical knife, and pocket knife are the tools every hunter will need at some point. Most people do not know that there is more than one blade type when there are three main blades that someone can choose from, depending on their personal needs. When it comes time to skin or cut your game for transport out of the campsite or to take care of some basic camping jobs like cutting or chopping, it is essential to have the correct type of knife you can count on to last for it many hunting seasons. If the knife or pocket knife is perpetually dull or flimsy, it is doubtful that you will enjoy your time hunting which may result in a lack-luster hunting season. That is why it is essential to always have the right blade on you and choose the right knife.

Using a Drop Point Blade Hunting Knife

The drop point blade is possibly the most popular knife blade on the market today. The drop point has a sharp curve to the end, forged of thick, durable steel that can stand up to nearly anything. The blade's edge makes it one of the most helpful types of the three knives mentioned here. You can be used to jab or point as well as slice, and it is handy for effectively skinning game after it has been killed.

Clip Point Blade Hunting Knives

The clip point blade is another of the most popular hunting knives. Although the clip point is not as popular as the drop point blade, the blade is made of thinner steel, and the edge is flat, with an end. The clip point is also perfect for skinning game, but the clip point blade is also ideal for other uses unrelated to hunting, like cutting ropes or branches or other things of that nature. The clip point blade is a valuable knife for hunters and is one of the most commonly used and carried hunting knives today.

The Skinning Knife

A Skinning knife is another famous hunting knife, although they are not nearly as multipurpose as other tactical knives on the market. A skinning knife is just for that, skinning game animals from the meat. Skinning takes a specific blade for the meat to be as well preserved as possible. If you lose a lot of your game meat in the skinning process, you most likely will want to purchase a skinning knife in addition to a more tactical blade.

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A reliable knife is essential to successful hunting, whether you are a big game hunter, waterfowl hunter, or fisherman. Knowing the various blade types available will determine which best fits your needs. Remember, there is more to a knife than its price or style. The craftsmanship and blade are the fundamental elements that will make the hunting knife a valuable addition to your hunting equipment.










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